Due to the onslaught of the Seasonal Window Designs, you are watching three penguins having fun dancing and, our attention is focused on serving our clients in the lower mainland. Under the penquins is a "GO TO" menu to view LOTS OF WINDOW ART.

You can SCROLL the Navigation Column to the far left and click on any image to get an idea of what we were doing during the Harvest and Halloween Season. After the Halloween images, there are some CHRISTMAS window photos. We continue throughout the year doing Olympic Games Windows, Soccer World Cup, and Commericial Business Graphics and Lettering. Even boat names. So check them out and CONTACT US if you are interested in doing something original for your business, store or apartment. We have a portfolio and would be glad to visit and discuss your needs. We are equipped to handle all your graphic advertising needs, website designs, video production, wall murals, signage and more.

Some of us are very diverse, and I learned long ago, that I was one of those people; but eventhough there are many skills I bring to the table, I apply my focus to the job on hand. Browse this site and you will see there are many ways we can help you "Get Over" and that is only part of it. My passions are playing and recording my own music, teaching music and video production, writing screenplays. I have a DIVERSE SITE FOR DIVERSE PEOPLE, that don't always have time, skills, know-how to get yourself presented, accepted and your product sold online. We ARE the team for you!


The focus of what we are presenting on this page is the graphics and designs that we do on windows. But that is only a small part of the diversity we represent.

WEB DESIGN department is another part of our service to our clients, businesses, professionals, artists and musicians wishing to expand onto the internet with their own personal web business, service, talent; be it a health service, artistic or musical profile, we will all need images and videos, as well as an EPK, product demonstrations and stores
Click on the Red CD Cover to check out my latest CD "KIDD KARRIM PASAJE - From There To Here"
Click on BrazilianMusic.org to check out more Brazilian music and culture. Click on CubanPianists.net to see how I used similar layout.
Explore other avenues of multi-media and interactive communication. "NETWORKING IS WHAT'S GOIN' ON!
USE THE INTERNET WISELY, and there are smart ways to apply it to your life, network, build a fan base and get your talents known and your work or service discovered no matter what they are.
Web Design is like an enormous tree with many roots and branches to channel great information and contacts. Our organization is like that too, with talented staff to help you develop your ideas and get your project on track. STAY CONNECTED! For information and an appointment CONTACT US

Check Out Associate WEB DESIGNER and his web designs below:
JamesWhitney tony AEA PsychicWayne TerraGram RowdyChick SPPC

We are really excited about our new Professional Video Production Department. Video clips have become the perfect way to get your goods in public view. Creating video files for use on web sites, or dvd's and cd video's for client distribution or your own personal collection brings you and your products to life.

Music Videos, Full Length Productions, TV Ad Shorts, Audition Presentations add so much more content and interest to your portfollio or website. Equipped with the latest in professional video recording and editing equipment allows us to show up, shoot, then edit and create great looking and sounding clips in post production.View us at BE HEARD AND BE SEEN Click and stop here to get all you need for all of the music, video and website services you need to help your business, your artistry and musicianship to broaden your fan and client base and expand your real world events and participation. We do video filming and editing for insurance coverage, video wills and legal documentation and business production packages, as well music video and audtions packages.

With the help of web design professionals, you can open a whole new world of interaction, sales and communication.


  • Pre and Post Production
  • Script Consultation
  • Professional Video Shooting
  • Application to the Web
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